Elise Miller-Hooks

Olaitan OnagbesoMS, 2011
Civil and Environmental Engineering, UMD
Concentration in Transportation Engineering

Graduate Researcher

Email: onagbeso@umd.edu

Scholarly Paper Title:

Deforestation: An Issue of Environmental Sustainability


Emissions from the construction industry in the United States continue increasing due to construction of new roads. The U.S. construction industry ranks third in the nation in its production of carbon dioxide. Deforestation has been a major source of environmental degradation, contributing to the net GHG emissions in the United States. The goal of this paper is to estimate the amount of GHG emissions released into the atmosphere during site preparation as a result of deforestation and offsets due to reforestation. There is need to quantify the amount of carbon emission released from a construction project, so as to know how to reduce the effect and support environmental sustainability efforts. Carbon Footprint Estimation Model was used in estimating the amount of emissions from the construction of MD 197/ Collington Road Expansion Project. The results help policy makers in decision making, with the goal to sustain our environment now and beyond.

Elise Miller-Hooks, Ph.D.
Bill & Eleanor Hazel Chair in Infrastructure Engineering

Phone: 703.993.1685
Email: miller@gmu.edu

Office: 4614 Nguyen Engineering Building

Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering
George Mason University
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