Elise Miller-Hooks

MS Student:
Aamod Sathe

Aamod SatheMS in Electrical Engineering, Penn State

Sr. Manager Risk Analytics
eBay Inc.
2145 Hamilton Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125

Email: aamodsathe2001@yahoo.com



Thesis Title:

Location and Relocation Decisions on Probabilistic Networks


The problem of determining the optimal location of mobile base stations in a probabilistic sensor network such that the likelihood that network connectivity is maintained is maximized is considered in this thesis. Travel times and the demand (i.e. the need to transmit data) are only known with uncertainty. In the event that connectivity is lost, one or more of the mobile base stations may need to be relocated. A methodological framework and specific algorithmic steps based on the principles of Genetic Algorithms are proposed for making optimal location and relocation decisions in this context.

The problem addressed herein is referred to as the multi-objective probabilistic location-relocation problem and is formulated as a mixed integer linear program. The proposed procedural steps are tested on a 50-vertex benchmark problem.

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