Elise Miller-Hooks

Publications: Journal 87

“Analytics with digital-twinning: A Decision Support System for Maintaining a Resilient Port"

Decision Support Systems 143, 113496

C. Zhou, J. Xu, E. Miller-Hooks, W. Zhou, C. Chen, L. Lee, E. Chew, and H. Li (2021)

figure 1ABSTRACT

In this paper, a Decision Support System (DSS) with digital twinning-based resilience analysis is proposed as a modern tool for port resilience computation and updating. The proposed DSS assesses the resilience of a port under possible disruptive events given its design, operations and potential pre-defined post-event recovery actions to mitigate the impact of the disruption.

Digital twinning provides the fidelity required to realistically predict port performance with taken post-event recovery actions under various possible disruptive events. In addition to hedging against impacts from probabilistically known disruption events, this approach also enables inclusion of ordinary operational uncertainties within the resilience evaluation. This is not generally feasible with other existing resilience quantification approaches. To tackle computational challenges of applying a digital twin for real-world size applications, an optimal computing budget allocation policy is adopted to improve computational efficiency.

Results of numerical experiments using a real-world size port demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed DSS and criticality of accounting for ordinary uncertainties in operations in resilience estimation.

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