Elise Miller-Hooks

Publications: Journal 83

“Transit System Resilience: Quantifying the Impacts of Disruptions on Diverse Populations"

Reliability Engineering and System Safety 191, 106561 (2019)

N. Vodopivec, E. Miller-Hooks (2019)

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The resilience of a community to disruptions in a public transportation system depends not only on the technical system’s ability to maintain service levels, but also on the ability of individuals to cope with and adapt to disruptions. This paper proposes a reliability-based methodology for conceptualizing and evaluating resilience of a socio-technical system in the context of diverse populations of passengers who experience the system differently, but share its resources. Consideration of transit network resilience as a socio-technical system induces coupling with communication networks, which support user adaptability in disruption, and other transportation modes. Extending concepts from fault trees and binary decision diagrams (BDDs), concepts of multi-valued dependency graphs and multi-valued decision diagrams (MVDDs) are developed. MVDDs provide an efficient data structure for storing needed input and facilitating system performance for large-scale problem instances. Various notions of resilience are explored. Techniques for identifying which mechanisms, whether technically or socially driven, are critical to the resilience of each population are discussed. Sensitivity to various factors through the study of improvement potential provide practical insight into, for example, policies and technical improvements that can increase system or user resilience.

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