Elise Miller-Hooks

Publications: Journal 40

“Resilience: An Indicator of Recovery Capability in Intermodal Freight Transport”

Transportation Science 46, 109-123.
Chen, L. and E. Miller-Hooks (2012)

Pub40In this paper, an indicator of network resilience is defined that quantifies the ability of an intermodal freight transport network to recover from disruptions due to natural or human-caused disaster. The indicator considers the network's inherent ability to cope with the negative consequences of disruptions as a result of its topological and operational attributes. Furthermore, the indicator explicitly accounts for the impact of potential recovery activities that might be taken in the immediate aftermath of the disruption to meet target operational service levels while adhering to a fixed budget. A stochastic, mixed integer program is porposed for quantifying network resilience and identifying an optimal post-event course of action (i.e. set of activities) to take. To solve this mathematical program, a technique that accounts for dependencies in random link attributes based on concepts of Benders decomposition, column generation and Monte Carlo simulation is proposed. Experiments were conducted to illustrate the resilience concept and procedure for its measurement, and to assess the role of network topology in its magnitude.


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