Elise Miller-Hooks

Publications: Journal 38

“A Resilience Framework for Ports and Other Intermodal Components”

Transportation Research Record 2166, 54-65.
Nair, R., H. Avetisyan and E. Miller-Hooks (2010)

Pub38Intermodal (IM) freight systems and their components play a significant role in the United States’ and world economies. Terminals and ports are critical components of these systems. These components are, however, by design, inherently vulnerable to natural and terrorist attack and evidence that an attack on or involving the IM freight transport system and its components would have catastrophic consequences is mounting. Significant energy has been expended on the development of technologies and other measures that can aid in securing ports in the U.S. and abroad to address these security needs. A quantitative measure, termed resilience, is employed to determine the best set of actions that can used to improve security at nodal facilities in an IM network. Resilience accounts for both the innate reliability of a facility and the effects of short term recovery actions on mitigating negative effects. This concept has been employed at the system-level. A framework for its application at the IM component-level is proposed. A case-based analysis is conducted to produce the specific steps required to apply this concept to an existing port. However, the framework is general and can be applied to any IM nodal component like terminals, marshalling yards, and border control stations. The resulting ability to quantify the component’s level of vulnerability will aid decision-makers in assessing trade-offs between investment and costly security implementations.


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