Elise Miller-Hooks

Publications: Journal 27

“Market Potential for International Rail-Based Intermodal Services in Europe: From Sea to Shining Sea”

Transportation Research Record 2066, 21-30.
Nair, R., E. Miller-Hooks, H. Mahmassani, V. Arcot, A. Kuo, K. Zhang, A. Kozuki and J. Ludvigsen (2008)

Pub27This paper examines the market potential for international rail-based intermodal services spanning 11 countries from the Baltic (Scandinavia) to the Mediterranean (Greece) through the Accession countries of the European Union (EU), termed the REORIENT Corridor.

The main approach followed in this assessment is to conduct scenario analyses using a state-of-the-art intermodal freight network modeling capability, which allows evaluation of various service supply strategies under varying operational and policy scenarios. New service design options, developed through a combination of market-based research and expert opinion, are evaluated in terms of the potential addressable market demand and the likelihood of successfully competing for that demand.

The analyses provide realistic assessments of the potential competitiveness of rail in attracting freight demand resulting from (a) operational considerations that pertain to the proposed services and (b) implementation of interoperability directives, barrier-removing or barrier-reducing improvements in physical, operational or managerial aspects and business practices of the rail system aimed towards achieving European Commission (EC) policy objectives. In addition, the analysis points to characteristics of the demand that is most likely to shift towards rail, in terms of commodity types and geographic location.

The key question the paper seeks to answer is under what operational and policy conditions can pan-European intermodal rail freight services be competitive? Our results show that a combination of favorable rail policies and a high level of service of intermodal operations are prerequisites for success.

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