Elise Miller-Hooks

Publications: Journal 24

“The Building Evacuation Problem with Shared Information”

Naval Research Logistics 55 (4), 363-376.
Chen, L. and E. Miller-Hooks (2008)

Pub 24In this paper, the Building Evacuation Problem with Shared Information (BEPSI) is formulated as a mixed integer linear program, where the objective is to determine the set of routes along which to send evacuees (supply) from multiple locations throughout a building (sources) to the exits (sinks) such that the total time until all evacuees reach the exits is minimized.

The formulation explicitly incorporates the constraints of shared information in providing on-line instructions to evacuees, ensuring that evacuees departing from an intermediate or source location at a mutual point in time receive common instructions. Arc travel time and capacity, as well as supply at the nodes, are permitted to vary with time and capacity is assumed to be recaptured over time. The BEPSI is shown to be NP-hard. An exact technique based on Benders decomposition is proposed for its solution.

Computational results from numerical experiments on a real-world network representing a four-story building are given. Results of experiments employing Benders cuts generated in solving a given problem instance as initial cuts in addressing an updated problem instance are also provided.

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