Elise Miller-Hooks

Publications: Journal 05

“Adaptive Least-Expected Time Paths in Stochastic, Time-Varying Transportation and Data Networks”

Networks 37, 35-52.
Miller-Hooks, E. (2001)

Pub05In congested transportation and data networks, travel (or transmission) times are time-varying quantities that are at best known a priori with uncertainty. In such stochastic, time-varying (or STV) networks, one can choose to use the a priori least expected time (LET) path or one can make improved routing decisions en route as traversal times on traveled arcs are experienced and arrival times at intermediate locations are revealed.

In this context, for a given origin-destination pair at a specific departure time, a single path may not provide an adequate solution, because the optimal path depends on intermediate information concerning experienced traversal times on traveled arcs. Thus, a set of strategies, referred to as hyperpaths, are generated to provide directions to the destination node conditioned upon arrival times at intermediate locations.

In this paper, an efficient label setting-based algorithm is presented for determining the adaptive LET hyperpaths in STV networks. Such a procedure is useful in making critical routing decisions in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and data communication networks.

A side-by-side comparison of this procedure with a label correcting-based algorithm for solving the same problem is made. Results of extensive computational tests to assess and compare the performance of both algorithms, as well as to investigate the characteristics of the resulting hyperpaths, are presented. An illustrative example of both procedures is provided.

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