Elise Miller-Hooks

Publications: Journal 04

“Least Expected Time Hyperpaths in Stochastic and Time-Varying Multi-Modal Networks”

Transportation Research Record 1771, 89-96.
Opasanon, S. and E. Miller-Hooks (2001)

Pub04In this paper, we present the Adaptive Multimodal Least Expected Time (AMLET) algorithm for determining the adaptive least expected time hyperpaths from all origins to a specified destination for all departure times in a period of interest in stochastic, time-varying multimodal networks, where the “fastest” path can be appropriately selected depending on the arrival time at each node en route. Mode transfer delays are incorporated in the algorithm to represent waiting times required in transferring modes, such as between driving and boarding a transit vehicle. Both mode transfer delays and arc travel times may be stochastic and time-varying. By considering stochastic, time-varying networks, the proposed algorithm can more realistically represent conditions in transportation networks than can existing deterministic approaches.

The resulting solutions provide not only the adaptive least expected time hyperpaths, but also the travel mode to be chosen along each path segment for completing a trip. The travelers are not restricted to traveling on only one path and one mode found to be best before departing from the origin. Rather, they can choose their paths and travel modes en route in accordance with knowledge of the arrival time at intermediate nodes. Hence, the solution is a set of hyperpaths instead of a single path to the destination. The AMLET algorithm is tested on a real-world transportation network with several possible traffic scenarios in order to illustrate the nature of the solution paths.

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