Elise Miller-Hooks

Publications: Conference 22

“Combinatorial Auctions of Railroad Track Capacity in Vertically Separated Markets”

National Research Council (U.S.) Transportation Research Board Meeting (93rd: Washington, D.C.). Preprint CD-ROM..
Kuo, A. and E. Miller-Hooks (2013)

This paper addresses the problem of allocating residual track capacity among multiple competing carriers where infrastructure ownership and train operations are vertically separated to facilitate the delivery by train of one-off loads. A bid set construction approach is proposed for use within a combinatorial auction-based framework to support this allocation of track capacity among competing carriers. The proposed train slot based bid set construction technique employs an OR-of-XOR bidding language and optimization methods that will ultimately produce newly scheduled trains with minimum total delay and operating costs. The technique enables the expression of complementary or substitutable relationships among the train slots constructed along predetermined train routes and permits quick configuration of routes from residual track capacity along which new trains can be operated. The proposed technique is compared against an intuitive, combinative bid set construction method, the all-or-nothing approach, and is tested within the combinatorial auction-based track capacity allocation framework. A winner determination problem (WDP) that simultaneously accommodates bidding languages of both bid set construction techniques is used to generate an optimal allocation of track capacity among bidders based on the different bidding strategies. Results of computational experiments designed to illustrate the efficiency of the proposed bid construction technique and effectiveness of the framework are presented.



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