Elise Miller-Hooks

Publications: Conference 21

“Mathematical Modeling of Command and Control in Evacuation involving Large Public Gatherings”

Proceeding of the 4th International Symposium on Human Behaviour in Fire, Cambridge University, Cambridge, United Kingdom, September 2012.
Feng, L., E. Miller-Hooks and V. Brannigan (2012)

In gatherings involving high volumes of pedestrians within a facility, the design of the facility, as well as command and control actions, are crucial to preventing crowd crush and enabling safe pedestrian movement as individuals seek event access or egress. Effective command and control in crowd management can enable efficient and safe ingress and egress to and from a large public event. Few works have studied the role of such intervention through command and control. To be effective, these strategies need to achieve compatibility between system goals (the goals of the crowd manager) and user goals (the goals of individuals in the crowd). A typical goal of a crowd manager is to evacuate as many people as possible within a specified time period or evacuate a certain number of people within the least possible time. The goal of each individual in the crowd is to maximize his or her own utility, e.g. stay safe, evacuate quickly and (or) stay together with other individuals. This paper describes network optimization-based modeling approaches for assessing command and control strategies for use in large public gatherings given these competing goals. Differences in system performance under the modeled strategies are assessed and their performance compared for a hypothetical location.



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