Elise Miller-Hooks

Publications: Conference 18

“Safety Implications of Violations in Concurrent Flow Lane Operations”

National Research Council (U.S.) Transportation Research Board Meeting (90th: Washington, D.C.). Preprint CD-ROM.
Chou, C.-S. and E. Miller-Hooks (2011)

This paper investigates and quantifies the safety impact of access-type violations in the context of concurrent flow lane operations given a nonbarrier separated managed lane facility. A safety index that accounts for increased speed variation is developed and a three-step simulation-based methodology is proposed for its quantification. The methodology is applied to a case study constructed on a calibrated simulation network of an existing roadway segment of I-270 in Maryland. Results of simulation experiments provide evidence in favor of the hypothesis that illegal traffic maneuvers between managed and general purpose lanes operating concurrently can greatly affect safety. Moreover, results of this study corroborate a parabolic relationship between safety and congestion that was only previously hypothesized in the literature.



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