Elise Miller-Hooks

Publications: Conference 15

“An Optimization-Based Approach to Complying with Caps on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Construction Projects”

Proceedings of the 3rd Trans-Atlantic Infraday 2009 Conference on Applied Infrastructure Modeling an policy Analysis, Resources for the Future, Washington, D.C.
Havetisyan, H., S. Melanta and E. Miller-Hooks (2009)

The construction sector plays a significant role in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in the United States. In recent years, support at both the national and international levels has grown for reducing our carbon footprint on the environment. To foster mitigation efforts to reduce industrial and construction-related environmental impact from GHG emissions, improvements in technologies to aid in monitoring and making individuals or institutions accountable for their emissions are being developed. Additionally, governments are considering instituting limitations, in the form of caps, on carbon emissions. Such caps, once enforced, will require companies to either comply with national or regional regulations or pay a penalty. In this paper, an optimization-based methodology is proposed to aid a construction firm in making profitable decisions in terms of equipment choice and usage while satisfying emissions cap requirements. Load factor, engine power, fuel consumption rates and technological differences between equipment of different manufacturers, as well as other equipment characteristics, can be explicitly considered. Additionally, this tool can aid a company in determining the price it should be willing to pay for emitting each extra unit of carbon. The model, as developed, is generic and can be applied over varying geographic locations, site elevations, soil properties and other factors that affect equipment operation. A case study involving construction of a major new roadway facility is presented to illustrate the model's utility and potential benefits that can be derived.


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