Elise Miller-Hooks

Publications: Conference 10

“Assessing Service Design Options and Strategies for Overcoming Barriers in the REORIENT Intermodal Freight Transport Corridor”

Proceedings of the European Transport Conference, Noordwijerhout, Netherlands.
Miller-Hooks, E., H. Mahmassani, R. Nair, K. Zhang, V. Arcot, A. Kuo, C. Lu, J. Dong,
A. Kozuki (2007)

Development of international rail-based intermodal freight services bridging the Nordic countries with south and southeastern European regions via central Europe (known as the REORIENT Corridor) is considered. Seamless movement of freight across international boundaries in the REORIENT Corridor is hindered by political, technological, administrative, social, legal and business barriers. Attractiveness of such services hinges on resolution of these barriers.

This paper introduces barrier-reducing operational and policy strategies and service design scenarios aimed at mitigating such barriers. These strategies and service designs were analyzed within a network simulation platform. Findings and implications of results of the numerical experiments are provided.


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