Elise Miller-Hooks

Publications: Conference 9

“Freight Train Scheduling in An International Corridor”

Proceedings of the First Trans-Atlantic INFRADAY conference on Applied Infrastructure Modeling and Policy Analysis, College Park, Maryland.
Kuo, A., E. Miller-Hooks, and H. Mahmassani (2007)

A train slot selection model based on concepts of multi-commodity network flows is developed for determining freight train timetables for scheduling international rail services along multiple interconnected routes. A column generation-based approach is proposed for its solution. The train slot selection model seeks to minimize operational costs and delays in delivery from scheduled arrival times.

The solution approach is embedded in a simulation-based iterative framework, where demand for rail services is re-estimated in light of the train schedule that results from solution of this freight train scheduling problem. The solution technique was employed over a European rail corridor spanning 11 countries. Existing rail service schedules in this region are fragmented, with little coordination across international boundaries.

The introduction of integrated train timetables over the international intermodal rail network, as is developed with the proposed modeling and solution techniques, will permit efficient and cost-effective rail-based intermodal transport, resulting in a competitive alternative to truck transport.



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