Elise Miller-Hooks

Strategic Prioritization and Planning for Multi-Asset Transportation Infrastructure Maintenance, Rehabilitation, and Improvements: Phase 2 – Data-driven Decisions from Continuous Monitoring

Project Abstract

Advances in ubiquitous sensing enable enhanced predictive analytics and state-dependent decision making on the timing of maintenance, repair, rehabilitation and improvements. Continuously-sensed measurements from new data sources, such as pervasive imaging systems and connected vehicle sensor arrays, can be employed to supplement traditional data in identifying long-term system performance and usage trends and predicting the timing of categorical (level) changes. This Phase II project extends prior work to develop mathematical and algorithmic techniques to exploit these information-rich, high-frequency sources in strategic prioritization of projects and allocation of resources. Strategies utilized to inform strategic planning with the support of continuously-sensed data will be approached considering compatible serviceability assessments of individual asset types, with emphasis on pavements and bridges, as well as overall system serviceability. Results incorporating continuously-sensed data will be compared against methods of current practice that use only historical information. The potential gains that may be achieved through updated monitoring will be evaluated.

Award Period:
Source of Funding:
Center for Integrated Asset Management for Multi-modal Transportation Infrastructure Systems (CIAMTIS): Region 3 University Transportation Center
PI: Elise Miller-Hooks

David Lattanzi, George Mason
Sue McNeil, University of Delaware
Shelley Stoffels and Kostas Papakonstantinou, Penn State

Total Award Amount:
$150,000 ($66,667 to GMU)

Project 67


Elise Miller-Hooks, Ph.D.
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