Elise Miller-Hooks

Decision Support Tools for Multi-objective, Multi-asset, Multi-modal Joint Maintenance Programming

Project Abstract

Infrastructure assets, such as roadways, bridges, tunnels, railways and intermodal terminals, are components of a larger transportation system serving competing goals of drivers, passengers and freight. While transportation elements are typically managed by category (e.g., roadways separately from bridges), the effect of investment or lack thereof in any element within one category can have beneficial or detrimental consequences for services provided across categories, as well as for asset performance lives. This is because these systems are interconnected; thus, a change in capacity in one service (e.g. highways) can affect both the functionality of services provided by another (e.g. railways) and the demand across them. This may lead to unanticipated and detrimental impacts on infrastructure condition. Despite these interconnections, these assets are often separately owned, operated and managed. This project will explore opportunities for asset management coordination and develop quantitative capabilities for assessing their effectiveness. The techniques will support trade-off analyses and prioritization in this multi-objective (e.g. minimizing user delay while maximizing asset longevity), multi-decision-maker (aligning actions across assets) and multi-modal (road, rail, and intermodal terminals) setting.

Award Period:
Project Award #:
Source of Funding:
Center for Integrated Asset Management for Multi-modal Transportation Infrastructure Systems (CIAMTIS): Region 3 University Transportation Center
PI: Sue McNeil, University of Delaware
  CoPIs: Elise Miller-Hooks, George Mason University
Shelley Stoffels, Pennsylvania State University
Total Award Amount:
$200,000 ($66,666 to GMU)

Project 63


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