Elise Miller-Hooks

Accounting for Downtime Effects in Maintenance and Restoration Scheduling for Routine, Periodic and Post-Disaster Events


Project Abstract

VTRC LogoMaintenance and restoration activities often involve roadway downtime. That is, before system improvements are realized, degradation in roadway system performance can be expected as a result of the restoration or inspection actions that cause reduced roadway capacity. Such reductions may be due to blocking the shoulder or traffic lanes, or taking a network component, e.g., a bridge, out of commission. This downtime, thus, impacts traffic and accessibility. Further, when more than one activity is undertaken at the same time, there may be interactions with superadditive impacts on traffic system performance.

This project will investigate the potential for reducing the impact of downtime from cross-asset maintenance and restoration activities on traffic performance through optimal maintenance and restoration planning combined with data-driven understanding of downtime impacts, design of compensation schemes for nearby privately-owned, tolled facilities and other mechanisms. Data collection, maintenance and rehabilitation strategies, and P3 incentivization instruments will be redesigned for post-disaster situations.

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Source of Funding:
Virginia Transportation Research Center, Virginia Department of Transportation
PI: Elise Miller-Hooks, GMU

David Lattanzi, CoPI, GMU
Jonathan Gifford, CoPI, GMU

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Project 59


Elise Miller-Hooks, Ph.D.
Bill & Eleanor Hazel Chair in Infrastructure Engineering

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