Elise Miller-Hooks

Safe Accommodation of Bicyclists on High Speed Roadways in Maryland

Project 48

Bicycling as an alternative mode of transport for commuters, shoppers and others for whom traveling is not a goal in itself, i.e. those carrying out so-called utilitarian or nondiscretionary trips, offers significant individual and societal benefits. There are, however, disadvantages to cycling as a means of commuting and performing other tasks. For example, a cyclist has no physical protection in a crash. This project investigates bicycle infrastructure design options and related treatments to facilitate safe cycling along high speed roadways in Maryland. It considers both at-grade intersections and grade-separated interchanges (including diamond, cloverleaf, and partial clover, among others). Design solutions will be created to ensure safe and efficient human interaction with the built environment.

Award Period:
Jan. 2015-May 2016
Source of Funding:
Maryland State Highway Administration and USDOT via NTC
Paul Schonfeld
Total Award Amount:
$130,000 ($30,000 from the NUTC)

Project 48


Elise Miller-Hooks, Ph.D.
Bill & Eleanor Hazel Chair in Infrastructure Engineering

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