Elise Miller-Hooks

Integration of Multimodal Transportation Services

Flexible route paratransit services may complement as well as compete with conventional public transportation services (that have fixed routes and schedules). Flexible routes are especially suitable for service areas or time periods with low demand densities (and especially rural areas) and may be used to concentrate the low demand for conventional bus and rail services. Excess drivers and vehicles from conventional services can be leveraged to provide higher quality door-to-door services during off-peak periods. In thisproject, practical methods will be developed for planning and operating integrated multi-modal public transportation services. In particular, these methods will focus on (a) formulating demand relations for integrated multi-modal transportation services, (b) improving the efficiency of algorithms for managing ridesharing and taxi services, (c) improving the coordination of transfers among vehicles from various routes and modes, and (d) exploring the potential benefits of managing demand through service options, pricing and other incentives.

Award Period:
2013 - 2015
Source of Funding:
Mid-Atlantic University Transportation Center (MAUTC) funded through the USDOT
Co-PI on subaward (and Co-PI on main award)
overall PI: C. Chavis (Morgan Sate); UMD PI: P. Schonfeld; PSU PI: V. Gayah
Total Award Amount:
$153,301 ($76,550 to UMD)

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