Elise Miller-Hooks

Adaptive Network Design for the Management of Large Crowds

Project 36

Effective management of pedestrian movement during large public gatherings can provide crucial support toward meeting pedestrian access and safety goals. Poor execution of crowd management can frustrate the people in a crowd by thwarting their goals. At the extreme, poor crowd management has caused many instances of crowd crushes and fatalities involving high volumes of people in a wide array of circumstances. This effort will develop behavior-based optimization techniques and solution methodologies to provide support for adaptive crowd control in such circumstances. Specifically, developed techniques will seek to provide instructions for adapting the physical and social infrastructure so as to facilitate the movement of the crowd to achieve both user and system goals. Instructions will guide the crowd manager and security personnel toward actions that remain consistent and appropriate with a changing environment and will instruct individuals in the crowd toward efficiently and safely obtaining their goals. Individual and crowd behavior models will capture heterogeneity in individual preferences and collective behavior in large public gatherings. The effort will culminate in tools that can provide: logistical support to crowd managers charged with the deployment of security personnel and equipment; on-line optimal instructions; and effective strategies and tactics for safe and efficient movement of pedestrians in complex environments.


Award Period:
Oct. 2011 - Sept. 2012
Source of Funding:
CITSM - Tier 1 University Transportation Center, United States Department of Transportation
PI on subaward (co-PI on main contract)
Total Award Amount:

Project 36


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