Elise Miller-Hooks

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Tool to Support Emissions Estimation in On-Road Transport along Freeways and Arterials

Project 34

Growing awareness of the impact of GHG emissions produced by humans on climate change has brought critical attention towards developing strategies to identify their sources, and estimate and reduce their magnitude. State agencies, including the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA), wish to do their part towards reducing state-wide emissions and mitigating the impact of operations that fall under their auspices on the global environment. State and federal departments of transportation (DOTs) have a significant role to play in reducing GHG emissions, as the transportation sector plays a very significant role in GHG production. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the transportation sector contributes approximately 27% of GHG production in the U.S. (as of 2008) almost entirely in the form of carbon dioxide.

A first step in addressing this issue is an ability to quantify emissions that would result from a given action or decision. Prior work with such techniques indicates the need for more sophisticated, simulation-based tools for estimating emissions from on-road transport. This research effort will develop and demonstrate a portable simulation-based module for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions estimation resulting from vehicular traffic on freeways and arterials that takes into account vehicle-mix, alternative fuel usage options, and other factors affecting emissions. The tool will explicitly account for vehicular velocities, acceleration, starts, stops and idling. The possibility of including roadway grade, and other location-specific geographic and climatic parameters will also be investigated.


Award Period:
Jan. 2011-May 2012
Source of Funding:
Maryland State Highway Administration
Total Award Amount:

Project 34


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