Elise Miller-Hooks

Standardizing and Simplifying Freeway Service Patrol Benefit-Cost Ratio Estimation

Project 33

As states grapple with significant budget deficits, freeway service patrol (FSP) programs around the nation have been the target of cuts. Thus, it has become of increasing import to show that the benefits of such programs to society significantly outweigh their costs. The benefit/cost (B/C) ratio has been estimated for many FSP programs operating around the nation. These ratios, however, range dramatically (e.g. from 2-to-1 to 36-to-1). The majority of this variability is likely due to the wide range of estimation methodologies and monetary equivalent conversion factors employed within these techniques, rather than to actual differences between the program benefits. This great variability also opens these findings to questions about their accuracy. A standardized methodology that can be universally and equitably employed in such B/C ratio estimation is essential as it would aid in creating consistency and, therefore, greater confidence in the validity of the results. This study aims to create of a standard set of performance measures for FSP B/C ratio computation and develop a user-friendly tool for quickly computing the B/C ratio of an existing FSP program that embeds the chosen performance measures and monetary conversion rates.

Award Period:
Nov. 2010-May 2012
Source of Funding:
I-95 Corridor Coalition
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Project 33


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