Elise Miller-Hooks

Emergency Preparedness Planning and On-Line Evacuation of Large Buildings

Project 8

The primary focus of this research activity was the development of the conceptual framework and methodological steps for determining optimal and robust tactical and operational strategies for rapidly evacuating a large burning building or a building that has come under attack by enemy or natural catastrophe. The research addressed both emergency preparedness planning and real-time execution.

Tactical preparedness concerns involve the selection of carefully planned a priori evacuation paths that consider the inherent dynamic and uncertain nature of conditions that exist in emergency situations requiring evacuation. Operational concerns will address the on-line determination of evacuation paths that are updated in real-time as actual conditions of the building structures and circulation systems (i.e. means of egress) are revealed and predictions related to risk of continued failure concerning the structural members and portions of the circulation systems are updated.

Award Period:
Aug. 2002 - Jan. 2007
Source of Funding:
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Total Award Amount:

Project 8


Elise Miller-Hooks, Ph.D.
Bill & Eleanor Hazel Chair in Infrastructure Engineering

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