Elise Miller-Hooks

Expert Decision Support System for Evacuation, Rescue and Recovery

Project 7Numerous terrorist incidents against US facilities over the last decade have demonstrated that personnel responsible for decision-making in post-attack evacuation, rescue and recovery (ERR) activities can significantly benefit from computer-based modeling and decision support systems.

The focus of this project was on the development of an initial system prototype of an automated and electronically integrated intelligent evacuation, rescue and recovery (IERR) computer-based decision support system for large buildings or similar facilities that have come under attack or threat of attack. Once fully operational, such an IERR system can be used for training, full-scale blast damage assessment (BDA), target vulnerability assessment (TVA), pre-event emergency preparedness planning, and post-attack ERR operations. It will further support tactical decisions related to the planning of new construction and renovations of existing structures to produce the most favorable conditions for ERR operations should such operations be required.

Through exploiting recent developments in communication and location technologies, the system will enable continuous assessment of processes associated with any force protection program and will provide dynamically updated instruction for on-line operations in response to evolving conditions and further threats or attacks aimed at the facility.

Award Period:
Jan. 2002 - Aug. 2002
Source of Funding:
ERDC-WES of U.S. Army via Protective Technology Center,
PA State University
PI on sub-contract
PI on main contract: T. Krauthammer
Total Award Amount:

Project 7


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