Elise Miller-Hooks

Mathematical Sciences: Measurement, Modeling and Prediction for Infrastructural Systems

A Phase I study of the microsimulator (CORSIM) was completed. CORSIM was used as a platform for evaluating signalization strategies. This project was part of a larger study to identify behavior of CORSIM on a small network of the Chicago Business District.

The larger effort involved the cooperation of:

  • Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT)
  • Rouphail, A. Sen
    (UIC, sworn in as Director of the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics in 1998)
  • V. Thakuriah (UIC)
  • S. Stidham (UNC--CH)
  • E. Miller--Hooks (NISS)
  • A. Karr
  • J. Sacks
Award Period:
Nov. 1997-July 1998
Source of Funding:
National Institute of Statistical Sciences
PI on this subaward
Total Award Amount:

Project 1


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